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We Fix Leaks, Clean Floods & Restore Properties

Flood Restoration Services

Flood & Water Damage Cleanup

Emergency Flood and Water Damage Restoration Services is a dedicated division focused on flooding catastrophes cleanup, repair and reconstruction. These services are designed to remediate water damage in the fastest and the most non-invasive methods possible.

Pluming & Drain Repair Services

Plumbing & Drain

Emergency Plumbing & Drain incidents cause damage quickly, and it’s often hard to pinpoint the source. Speed and efficiency is the key factor in reducing the extent of the damage. Flood Tech emergency plumbing services solve water problem repairs fast! Using the latest specialized technology, our emergency plumbers can quickly help you locate, repair, stop flooding and reverse emergencies.
Basement Waterproofing Services


Basement Waterproofing is the best investment you can make. This division will ensure you are protected from future emergencies while helping maintain your property value. Our Waterproofing Services include:

Construction Services


Construction is the final step in recovering from catastrophes. This construction & restoration division specializes not only in recovery but future prevention methods of reconstruction. Once the emergency service is performed, leave the construction to our team of professionals that can render services such as:
HazMat Removal Services

Mold Removal

Hazardous Mold exist in most moist areas. Moisture Content after a flood emergency can only be measured and remediated using specialized equipment and techniques. Professionals help you mitigate the damage and reduce the risks and costs of hazmat spread. Our hazardous material division services include:

Got Water Damage?

Our technicians implement cost-effective and non-invasive leak and water detection methods to swiftly and efficiently pinpoint the source of the water leak and repair it instantly.



You own or rent a house, unit or condo


You own or rent a commercial, Industrial multi-tenant residential space. 


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Customers Testimonials

Our clients trust and support us and have shared kind words about our service. Here are some testimonials that motivate us to keep giving excellent service.

glen stubbings flood tech testimonial
Glen Stubbings

"... Flood Tech is there whenever I need them ... thank you very much for everything you did for me." 

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Ford government to strip some powers of conservation authorities…Read full article

flood tech testimonial fabio
Fabio Pemintal

"... They gave me the best estimate... they did an amazing job... I highly recommend them to anybody else."  

Services provided for Fabio

Why Choose us

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Water Damage Restoration - 24-hour Emergency Services
Water damage inspection for property damage
Water Damage Restoration project planning

Stop Water Damage in Its Tracks!

Our Comprehensive Service Process Will Safeguard Your Home

Are you dealing with plumbing leaks, a basement flood, sewer drain rain clog or roof and window leaks causing havoc in your home? Say goodbye to water damage worries with our expert water damage services tailored to protect your property from these common culprits. At Flood Tech, we understand the urgency and importance of addressing water damage promptly to preserve the integrity of your home. With our proven service process, you can rest easy knowing your property is in capable hands.

Our Proven Service Process

  1. Initial Assessment: Our certified technicians will conduct a thorough assessment of your property to identify the source and extent of the water damage. Whether it’s a leaky pipe, cracked foundation, or faulty roof, we leave no stone unturned in diagnosing the problem.

  2. Cause of the water damage Solutions: Once we’ve pinpointed the root cause of the water damage, we’ll develop a tailored plan to address the issue efficiently. Our team utilizes cutting-edge techniques and industry best practices to ensure effective repair solutions.

  3. Precision Repairs: With years of experience under our belt, our skilled technicians will execute repairs with precision and care. Whether it’s fixing a burst pipe, sealing cracks in the foundation, or patching up roof and window leaks, we’ll restore your home to its former glory.

  4. Preventive Measures: To prevent future water damage, we’ll implement proactive measures such as waterproofing, installing drainage systems, and reinforcing vulnerable areas of your home. Our goal is not just to fix the immediate problem but to safeguard your property for years to come.

  5. Final Inspection: Before we consider the job done, we’ll conduct a final inspection to ensure that every aspect of the repair and restoration process meets our high standards of quality. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are our top priorities.


Flood & water damage insurance claim Tips

Avoid being WRONGFULLY DENIED on your insurance claim

Get a professional assessment before calling your insurance.

water damage insurance claim reveal burst pipe infrared inspection 1

Burst Pipe hidden behind Drywall

Getting approved with a professional Water Damage Inspection.

The property owner calls Flood Tech for a FREE inspection before calling the insurance company. Our Thermal Imaging assessment reveals a hidden faulty burst pipe in the wall, which was the actual cause of the flood; Flood Tech provides an Infrared Damage Source/Incident Report. 

The insurance claim is approved due to proof of damage source & proper policy coverage.

Misinforming the Insurance Company before the inspection. 

This Burst Pipe illustration is one of many scenarios in which your claim can be denied.

Scenario: The property owner sees water damage on the drywall and is unaware of the hidden pipe, assuming a foundation crack is the fault of the flood. Calls insurance first without consulting with a water damage professional and provides inaccurate information about the cause of the flood.

The insurance claim is denied due to policy coverage exclusion.