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Drying Out a Wet Basement Tips For Your Toronto Home

Basements are often susceptible to water seepage and flooding for a number of reasons. Perhaps a severe rainstorm caused the flooding, or even water seepage through cracks through windows or the foundation walls or floor. Whatever the reason for the wetness and flooding, it is necessary for a dry basement in your home, after the water has been removed a thorough assessment is performed to all water seepage vulnerabilities throughout the basement all inspection points should be inspected. Failure to do so can cause further irreparable property damage and health hazards to the home’s occupants. Flood Tech is a professional home, commercial and industrial emergency restoration and basement drying and basement waterproofing Toronto company that can help with a basement drying solution and permanent lifetime repair.

Problems Caused by high Basement Moisture Content, & How Basement Drying Services Can Help

Removing the water from your basement after a flood is only the first of many steps. Once the water has been cleared out of the basement after a flood, there will be wetness and moisture left behind that needs to be dealt with. A basement drying company can help get rid of this remaining moisture in order to salvage anything that may be susceptible to further damage by this excess moisture. Regardless of the amount of water that entered the basement, any amount can still pose a serious threat to the integrity of the home’s structures as well as a possible health hazard for its occupants. This is why it is imperative to employ the services of a reputable Toronto basement drying company to rid the home of any moisture remaining from a flood. Mold is one of the biggest problems that moisture can cause. Breathing in the mold spores can have detrimental effects on people’s respiratory systems, and can cause chronic conditions such as allergies, asthma and emphysema. Don’t try to perform basement drying in your home yourself – call a basement drying service to repair your home and its air quality.

Basement Drying Toronto

How a Basement Drying Company near you can help

Flood Tech a Flooded Basement Toronto Waterproofing and Restoration Company provides a myriad of water damage services to repair your home after a flood. They have fully trained water damage restoration waterproofing technicians that are certified and experienced in water removal, wet basement restoration, basement drying, clean up after a flood and basement waterproofing solutions. This basement drying and permanent repair service provide professional emergency services around the clock, so you can call them immediately after your basement has experienced flooding or water seepage. Call for water damage services in basement drying for your home for complete assistance and support in these emergency situations.

basement drying

Mitigate Basement Flooding With The Leading Basement Drying Service

If your house experiences basement flooding, then it requires immediate attention. Flooded basements are very common across Canada, and in such a case, you need to act quickly to minimize your loss. Basement floods can damage the structural base and foundation of your house; they can damage the interior infrastructure, construction materials and furniture and appliances, not to mention the chances of mold growth and the chaos it brings into your life. Undoubtedly, it would help if you had the professional advice of basement drying specialists with decades of experience in flood damage restoration, water extraction, basement drying, dehumidification and waterproofing, guaranteed a lifetime warranty for the Flood Tech permanent basement dry solution.

Flood Tech is among the industry leaders in basement drying, restoration and waterproofing services. Our licenced IICRC and drainage plumbing professionals can handle all kinds of basement drying processes. We endeavour to provide 24×7 emergency services to put you at ease and minimize your losses. If you are facing a wet basement emergency, you can’t wait; you need to contact us immediately.

Why do you need professional property water drying help?

In the event of a basement flood, it can wreak havoc in your life. There can be severe damage to your basement, walls, appliances, furniture, and document. At the same time, mold starts growing within 24 – 48 hours of a water damage event. Many times, mold starts growing in places which are invisible to your naked eye. In short, any water damage can cause severe damage and pose health hazards for your family.

In these situations, you need an expert and reliable flood mitigation and damage restoration service. It is highly inadvisable for you to try to handle the situation on your own. You might end up hurting yourself or cause further damage to the property. That is why you should always seek professional help. Trust the professionals to help you get your property restored in the least possible time.

At Flood Tech, we take care of all kinds of residential and commercial basement flooding issues. Moreover, our professionals are properly trained to help you with the insurance claim process. We have previously worked multiple times with all major insurance service providers in Canada and understand their requirements for processing a claim.

Cause of Basement flooding

The main causes of basement flooding include drainage failure and improper sewage backup prevention measures. Drainage failure can happen due to multiple reasons –

  • Due to poor construction and ineffective sealing, water can seep inside the basement after any natural calamity
  • When the weeping weeping tile system in your home fails, it leads to basement flooding
  • In case the sump pump breaks down or malfunctions, water will accumulate in your basement
  • If your eavestroughs are broken or damaged, water runs down from the roof into the basement exterior walls and causes infrastructure vulnerabilities.

Some of the reasons for sewage backup include –

  • A clog is the most common reason for a sewage backup. Check after every flush or sink usage, whether there is any backup.
  • Sometimes tree roots can start growing inside the pipes blocking the flow or grow around the pipes, ultimately crushing them.
  • In older homes, pipes often get frozen and burst, or might be broken and damaged.
  • To learn about Foundation wall seepage visit the Flood Tech Basement Foundation wall Waterproofing Service page

Tools used for basement drying

At Flood Tech, we use the latest tools and equipment for water extraction, drying, dehumidification, and sanitization. Be it residential or commercial property; we always use state-of-the-art equipment to help dry your property properly and quickly.. 

  • Air Movers – These machines blow air throughout the property, and let spaces (mainly the walls and floors) dry quickly.
  • Dehumidifiers – They are used to eliminate moisture from the air to prevent mold and mildew.
  • Air Scrubbers – These are useful for eliminating the odour and particles that contaminate the air.
  • The latest moisture meters and infrared scanners ensure that not even a single spec of moisture goes unnoticed.
  • Inject and dry technologies – This non-invasive method is used to avoid drywall wall tear-outs.
  • Floor drying mat system – The Mat system draws out water from your hardwood floors and saves money in flooring replacement.

Our process for Basement Drying

As soon as you connect with us, we would send the emergency response team to your place. They would initiate the water extraction process and manage the situation to prevent any further damage. On the other side, another team of experts would prepare the equipment needed for drying. After the drying process is completed, we will send a complete report to your insurance company stating all the costs incurred and the future expenses to be incurred.

Why place your trust in Flood Tech?

Emergency never comes with advanced notice. Hence, you need the best basement drying services. Our services stand out because of

  • IICRC certified and highly experienced damage restoration professionals
  • More than 15 years of experience
  • 24×7 emergency response service
  • Complete assistance with the insurance process
  • Most trusted, reliable, and professional service.

Get in touch with us today to know more about the #1 basement drying service in Canada.

Basement Commercial Drying Services 

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