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Black Mould Removal

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Black mould can be anywhere. Beginning from the walls, books, clothes, toys to even the tiniest of your possessions. It can have an adverse effect on your health.  While mould can look different based on the type it is, black mould is the most common in homes. This can occur in any season, whether it is a cold, dry winter or warm, muggy summer. Black mould can occur both indoors and outdoors.

No matter what kind of colour the mould is, at Flood Tech we are always ready to help you. Our experts can get rid of any sort of mould that has taken over your home. We are on a mission to give our clients mould-free hygienic homes to help them live safe and healthy lives.

Black Mold Removal - What it is

Black mould a Hazardous material not only destroys your precious possessions but also produces adverse effects on your overall health. The presence of black mould can directly or indirectly hamper your pulmonary canal, which leads to eye and nose irritation, and to some extent, skin disease. These effects on your health can deteriorate your daily work performance as well as your social life. 

To help prevent further growth of black mould it is necessary to know the root cause. This can only be done by controlling the development from the source itself.

The primary cause of black mould is excess humidity which can also produce a strong mouldy odour. Controlling the humidity and moisture inside the room is the key to controlling black mould growth. Excess humidity is caused due to various factors, including excessive use of water, dripping bathroom faucets, precipitation, or lack of ventilation.

Removing Black mould requires specialized training and equipment. We have come up with a quick, effective and non-invasive service that gives you complete solutions to all your black mould removal needs

We have highly-trained specialists equipped with state-of-the-art technology to help you get rid of black mould and odour removal. Our team of experts can locate black mould in every nook and corner of the house and advise you of the impact risk it has on you. After the analysis is concluded, the mould is removed using the latest available technology and environmentally friendly chemicals. After the mould has been fully remediated, a thorough check is done to ensure nothing has been left behind ensuring no relapse on spore growth. The ultimate step is to restore the affected area to its original state.

The most important deterrent is Moisture Content control. Moisture Content is the level of humidity/moisture an area or product has in it. Based on the type of material, there are different levels of tolerable Moisture Content levels. To help reduce the Moisture Content level, you can follow these preventative measures:

No matter how alert someone is regarding these preventive measures, total control over black mould growth is impossible. It is therefore recommended you get your home checked regularly for mould. Always seek help from experts such as Mold Removal Tech. Start with a free inspection and consultation today and keep your family safe.

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