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How to dry out a basement fast

Drying out a basement after water damage is a job that should be left to the professionals.  Make sure to hire a professional that has expert credentials in water damage restoration. General contractors and handymen are often not adequately equipped or educated to handle proper and safe water damage remediation. Only by using the proper tools and techniques can you be assured the basement gets completely dried. If a property is not dried correctly, it leads to damage to the property and various other problems such as mould growth, unhygienic odour, and the spread of bacteria and viruses may occur.

The Essential Areas That Need to Be Dried Out After a Flood

Drying Walls

Another very important area that needs to be dried out after the water damage is the walls. Effective drying is critical because there could be a risk of mold growth, bacterial infection, and other viruses spreading. Flood water starts affecting the lower regions of the room first. Damage generally affects the base of the walls. The drying process of walls can take over a few hours to a few days depending on the severity of the damage. However, if the walls have been soaked for over 72 hours, the walls need to be replaced.


Drying Carpet and Flooring

When water damage happens on a property, carpeted areas are often the ones most impacted. Figuring out how much damage has been caused is the first essential step. Depending on the extent of the damage, various methods are utilized. If the carpet and bedding have been soaked for more than 48 hours, it has to be replaced immediately. If the water source was unsanitary or originated from outside the house and made its way inside, it is advised to replace everything to ensure proper sanitation.

Drying after Water extraction from a flood

The first essential step in drying the basement is the removal of water from the area. Specialists have siphon vacuum pumps which help in the elimination of water and any vapour. These devices are also used on carpets and furniture. They enable complete extraction of the clogged water, and this aids further in the drying process.

Flood Technician Extracting Water After a Property Flood
Air Drying Equipment After a Property Flood

Air Drying after a flood

Another beneficial method for removing flood water is air drying. Fans are placed around the basement to enhance air circulation and extract humidity. Proper circulation of air also helps get rid of the odour caused due to the floodwater. This method is very effective if a property has been soaking in water for a few days. Proper air drying also helps to get rid of a certain amount of humidity.

Ways to Perform water Drying in a Home


Drying Documents

Another very important thing that needs drying immediately after water damages is documents. Often holding very significant value, it is imperative they get attention immediately. Documents such as certificates, photos, etc.are often made of paper and are thus susceptible to flood damage. The sooner the remediation, the better it is as delay in water drying may lead to its complete damage or degradation. Professional service providers use technical ways to dry and restore important documents helping you save your most valuable assets.

Using Dehumidifiers after a flood

Another very effective method for drying out the basement property is using dehumidifiers. Dehumidifiers are tools that enable the removal of humidity from the property. Water extraction still tends to leave behind some amount of moisture, which can only be removed by dehumidification. The only way to ensure these methods are successful in fully drying your property is through the use of moisture detection devices which can spot hidden moisture. The drying processes should continue until proper moisture tests show the complete elimination of any moisture.

Dehumidifiers and Hepa Filters Structural Drying Room

Hiring a Professional to dry out a basement fast is Crucial

When it comes to floods, it is imperative that proper steps in a timely manner are done to avoid further damage to your property and valuables. Although floods are often unavoidable and unforeseeable, if proper steps to fix the flood and dry out the space are taken, further and more costly problems can be averted. The processes of property drying after severe water damage is not something that is recommended for one to do without the help of professionals. An effective, efficient, and experienced team not only helps in property restoration if called upon at the correct time, but they will also ensure further security of the property and advise of preventative measures to take in the future. In case of flood damage or water damage, do not delay in calling the professionals to help. If you need water damage restoration services or services to ensure further safeguarding of the property, you can call us today and get a free consultation.