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Waterproofing Solutions Benefits And How It Can Protect Your Home

Understanding Leaks and where they come from

There are many ways a basement leak can occur. Each one can be tricky and cause different types of damage to your property. Let’s cover the basics of what and how they occur to better understand what the waterproofing services benefits that can help deter damage from occurring should you experience a flood in the future. One of the most common issues related to basements is water seepage. Basement leakage must be prevented as it may cause multiple problems like harming the building foundation or worse, mould growth. Most households end up having to deal with leaky basement problems one time or another. Initially, the problem might not look too serious. However, if ignored, it will cause damage to the house which will result in expensive repair costs. This is why it is so important to get waterproofing services for your home. 

What causes basement water leakage?

Some of the main sources which cause leaky basements are as follows:

Basement Hydrostatic Pressure

During heavy rainfall or flood, water seeps in through the soil around the house. As the soil expands, water creates pressure against the foundation of the building. This is known as basement hydrostatic pressure. If there are any cracks or pores, water will leak into the basement.

Basement Foundation Cracks on walls and floor

Cracks on floors and walls are one of the most common causes of basement leakage. As hydrostatic pressure is formed around the foundation, water will force its way through these cracks into the basement.

waterproofing protects from foundation cracks flooding basement

Window wells

Window wells are important for the basements which are below ground level because they allow sunlight to enter. Without them, basements would be darker. Window wells are supposed to protect basement windows. But if they are left unattended, they start collecting debris, leaves, dirt etc. As the natural drainage gets clogged by the debris, the water falling into the window well gets trapped and has nowhere to go but through the window seams into the basement.

waterproofing services prevent a flood due to Water Table Rise

Basement Water Table levels

The formation of the water table depends on a number of factors like the amount of rainfall, snow melting into the ground etc. A high water table is a cause for concern as it leads to water seeping into the basement. One thing home owners should consider is if the water table is at a much lower level than the basement or not.

overland flood insurance covered building with first Floor Under Ground Water

Ground Water

Water that is found below the earth’s surface in the porous spaces in soils and rocks is called groundwater. Groundwater settles in the water table. The level of groundwater is affected by the topography of the place. If the house is near a body of water, the water table is generally high. This is due to the ground soaking in that water from the nearby source. A rise in the water table can affect the foundation beneath the house.

waterproofing services fix improper flood in window wells

The Benefits of Waterproofing Services

Exterior waterproofing services benefits

When basements are constructed, a hole is dug in the ground so that the foundation can be poured. Once the foundation has been built, the extra space around the foundation is filled with loose soil. This soil absorbs more water than the surrounding soil. So, having basement leaks is unavoidable in most places. However, there are solutions to prevent it. Homes should have both interior and exterior waterproofing. External waterproofing prevents the outside water from seeping into the foundation. Internal waterproofing is done using liquid asphalt and rubber coating. Since interior waterproofing is not 100% effective, a better solution is to spray foam which acts as a vapour barrier to provide complete insulation. To solve the hydrostatic pressure problem, the installation of sump pumps is recommended. To learn more about waterproofing services benefits and how they can protect your home, book a free inspection with a waterproofing professional today.