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What to do When You Have Water Damage

Find out what to do when a water damage catastrophe occurs and how to stay safe, extract water, and clean up and assess damage repair needs.

6 Steps To take if you have Water Damage in your house

If you ever wondered what to do when a water damage catastrophe occurs at a home, then you should read the below article as it will help you be prepare for this type of emergency. Whenever your property experiences a water damage incident, the steps that you take next, and how quickly you take them, determines the extent of damage and loss. Water damage is a nightmare for every homeowner in the Toronto and GTA area. It is the biggest cause of concern, stress, and anxiety when damage to a property occurs.

Heavy storms, torrential rains, bursting pipes, HVAC system failures, appliance malfunction, or sewage blockage are some of the common causes of water damage. Even though you might have taken all the necessary preventive measures, sometimes water damage still occurs. When you find yourself faced with water damage, you must act quickly to prevent further damage.

In this article, we share a few important steps that you must immediately take to get through a water damage catastrophe when it occurs at your home. But first and foremost, you must remain calm and have a clear mind. Do not panic or spread panic amongst others. Follow these steps for a quick recovery and restoration of your property.

First - Ensure Safety

Turn off the main water valve, the power supply and gas connections in your home. Water and electricity are a deadly combination; it can electrocute you unknowingly. Similarly, gas connections exposed to water in a closed space can lead to an explosion. Turning off the utilities ensures safety for all. Also, remember that you should not move around flooded floors without proper protections. Wear your gloves, boots, and protective clothing to prevent any contamination, allergies, or skin infections.

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Catastrophe Cleaning Up the Debris

Next, try to clean up and clear the clutter. Floodwaters bring along a lot of debris in the form of leaves, branches, and garbage. Clear your house of the debris and try to salvage the furniture and appliances. Take out the wet furniture, rugs, and carpets out into the open. Remove all the essentials from the wet area and dry them. Seek out help from neighbors and friends until professional help arrives. You can discard things that are severely damaged or retain them if you have insurance to claim. Clear the clutter to get a fair idea about the damage caused by the flooding.

Water Damage Extraction and Drying

The next thing that needs to be done is the removal of stagnant water from your house. For this, you can use electric or hand pumps. You need to reach the bottom of the flooded area and place the pump there. Extract the water into your backyard or a tanker. Be sure it is at least 6 feet away from the main dwelling structure. Remember to be careful with electric pumps to avoid shocks. Now open up the windows and let fresh air circulate inside the house. Use fans, dehumidifiers, and dryers to dry out the walls and wet areas. If your heating system is functioning, use it to blow warm dry air through the property to remove moisture. In this way, you can prevent the growth of mold and mildew within your property.

Water damage catastrophe extraction and drying
Water damage catastrophe asses flood hazard

Assess the Catastrophe Damage

When everything is clean and dry, you need to determine the impact of the damage. Inspect the walls, floors, appliances, plumbing systems, and all other systems in your house. Pay close attention to structural damage. Floods can weaken the foundation of homes and cause it to collapse. Check all the wooden furniture, doors, and walls and ensure that they are still stable. Call a flood technician to conduct an assessment and give you a clear picture of the damage and the cost to fix them.

Contact the Insurance Company

After you complete the assessment of the damage, call your insurance company. Your insurance is a life savior in these situations of emergency. They might send a claims adjuster to document the extent of the damage and give you an estimate of the cost of repairs. Also, contact the other insurers that cover other things like cars, expensive appliances, and other valuables.

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When to Start the Catastrophe Repairs

Now it’s time to start with the repairs. If your house has taken severe damage, then you have to find a temporary residence. Get a reliable and reputable contractor to restore your house. They will save you time and money. Though the restoration period is dependent on the extent of damage, the professionals at water damage services can be availed to finish any job in no time. You may also need to restore the electrical, HVAC, or plumbing systems for your house. Professionals contractors will be able to assist with this as well. Move-in with your family only after you get a clearance from an inspector. We understand that water damage can be frustrating, and you can feel helpless. Contact Flood Doctor today and we will take care of everything. From the first safety walkthrough to the final restoration and waterproofing process, we will help you restore your property and belongings in the best possible manner. We will help you deal with the insurance company in a fast and efficient manner. Avoid costly delays and prolonged claims processes which cause further damage to your property and belongings. Contact Flood Tech first and have one of our flood technicians help you expedite your road to recovery. Our years of experience, use of the latest tools and procedures, and affordable rates make us the #1 water damage restoration services company in Toronto.