Fire Damage Restoration

fire smoke damage repair in toronto

Damage caused by a fire doesn’t end once the fire is put out. The first 24 to 48 hours after fire damage are known as the “golden hours” of recovery. If not acted on quickly, the acidic soot and smoke damage that is caused by the fire succumbs to deterioration and corrosion of building components and vital infrastructure.  The chemicals used to put out the fire are often also contributing factors to secondary damage to the property and belongings. It is important that when dealing with fire, the emergency service is performed almost immediately or you will face additional unnecessary damage to your belongings and property. Flood Tech fire restoration services can include emergency boarding up, demolition, soot removal, drying out the water damage from the fire extinguishing process, decontamination and deodorization of all affected content and property.

When a fire ravaged part of your home or business, it is often only the beginning of the extent of damage that occurs. From smoke to water damage, there is a lot of secondary damage that occurs during the emergency. This is why you should trust our experts to come in quickly, assess the damage, consult and provide you with a clean and concise course of action on how to mitigate the damage that you incurred. Our services include:

It is an unfortunate fact that many homeowners across the country experience house fires and fire damage in their homes. There are many reasons that fires in homes can start, whether it’s from a cigarette, candle, or a stove left unattended. Regardless of the cause, a house fire is incredibly devastating. It will leave the homeowner and occupants bewildered, and often will leave them with many of their personal possessions ruined by fire damage. When confronted with a situation such as this, it is wise to call the professionals in fire damage restoration for your home. Flood Tech is one such fire damage restoration company that has helped many families in this predicament.

Fire & Smoke Damage Recovery

Fire Damage Restoration – Toronto, CA

After a house fire, many things in the home can be damaged, including the structural components of the home, as well as furniture and personal belongings which will need the help of fire restoration in Toronto. Homeowners who have gone through a house fire need to take fire restoration for their Toronto home very seriously, as this will often have an impact on how easily they can restore their home and their belongings, as well as deal with insurance companies. Brampton fire damage restoration services can be a real life saver.

Some of the fire restoration tasks include repairing the home and items within the home, as well as ensuring that the home is safe to occupy afterwards. Fire damage restoration is very important to making sure you and your loved ones are not vulnerable to hazardous air quality, as well as structural weakness in the home due to the fire.

Any damaged home needs fire damage restoration on many levels. After repairing the home itself, fire damage restoration services help to eliminate smoke odors from the home. Breathing in cinder and soot left behind by a fire can be hazardous to one’s respiratory health. Fire damage companies can remove these particles and odors by using heavy-duty vacuum cleaners immediately before any deodorizing process is involved.

Ducts, vents and attic insulation will probably need cleaning or replacement, depending on the severity of the fire. A thorough inspection by a fire damage restoration professional will give homeowners an understanding of the things that can be saved and those that need replacement.

Fire damage restoration professionals have the training, equipment and expertise necessary to perform fire restoration and really should be left to the experts to resolve.

If you are a victim of a house fire, don’t try to clean up yourself. You need the professional services of fire damage for your home. Flood Tech has the expertise and equipment to help with fire damage in any home. Call them 24/7 for your emergency situation.

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