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Sewer Backup Cleanup Company in Toronto

When you have a sewage backup in your home, there is only one safe way to remove it: through a professional sewage cleanup company. The worst type of flood is a sewage backup from the city pipes. Not only is the water filthy and can smell bad, but it is also full of bacteria and other harmful chemicals. This type of flood requires immediate professional attention to remove the water and, more importantly, disinfect all affected items and rooms. Through the combined use of state-of-the-art cleaning tools and multiple types of anti-microbial agents, Flood Tech can clean up and contain a sewage flood properly and safely. Flood Tech specializes in restoring properties after flood emergencies, Toilets or sinks clogging, sewage back up, and other types of floods. 

Sewer back up’s when sewer sanitary system or septic lines become clogged preventing or reversing the flow of waste water. Structural elements sometimes allow entry for water as well. This usually results in Category 3 Waste Water (the worst type of water) to enter your house and flood an area such as your bathroom or basement floor. 

Reasons why sewage clogging occurs:

  • Pipe Blockage due to heavy waste getting lodged in the line
  • Objects flushed down the toilet that are not allowed
  • Defects or failure in the septic system 
  • Oils, fats or greases regularly poured down the drain
  • Lack of proper drain maintenance
man start using sewer inspection camera

Often when faced with a stressful situation such as a sewer back up it is hard to remember to follow the proper steps to stay safe and deal with the flood safely. The safest thing to do is to contact a professional flood & water damage restoration company to properly and safely handle any sewer or sewage back up. At Flood Tech, we are experts in commercial and residential property flooded basement cleanup disaster water damage services, rest assured we are here to help you from the first assessment to handling the insurance claim after the emergency. Don’t make mistakes that can cost you money or even your safety. Contact us for a free assessment and consultation on what to do.

Don’t take any chances if you have experienced a sewage back-up in your Toronto home and basement. Flood Tech-trained and certified technicians are expert professionals. Each team member goes through continual education upgrading to keep them aware of the latest and best methods to clean up any flood sewer backup. We are available 24 hours a day with immediate home service. Contact us for a free assessment and consultation. Make Water Damage Restoration “Flood Tech” your very first call.

Assessment of the area for any health hazards is made. All electrical and plumbing is inspected. Structural integrity, air quality tests, contaminant sampling and mould inspections are performed.

Large “Water Vacuums” are used to remove the water. All major bodies of water are removed. Specialty equipment such as thermal imaging and moisture sensing devices are used to find any hidden pockets of water.

Full structural drying is done using specialty air movers and dehumidifiers. Any hidden moisture that is detected is also treated and dried.

Bacteria, fungui, mould and other harmful toxins generally spore / grow in contaminated areas. Using specialty chemicals and processes the entire room and it’s contents that are salvageable are thoroughly decontaminated.

All non-salvageable items are safely disposed of and all debris and damaged structural components are removed. Reconstruction of room can begin. 

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