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Water Extraction & Flood Removal Service in Toronto

Water flooded your house or business establishment because of a faulty pipe after the snow gets thawed or because of a heavy rainstorm; all this creates havoc in your life and will surely bring regular life routines to a halt.

We understand the pain you go through when such incidents occur. To counter these calamities, we have a highly trained team who are well-versed in handling any flooding situation. Our team are expert in water extraction and would fix your water problem within no time.

Flood Tech, a Water Extraction Services company is committed to helping customers extract water from their properties at a fast pace so that they do not lose a lot of their personal belongings and also to dry the flooded location so that they do not create mould on any of the structures or belongings.

Our professional water extraction services team would visit the site of water extraction and assess the situation along with you, they would also check if there are any structural damages.

With the required equipment and gear, the team would extract the water and dry the property ground which was flooded.

What Water Extraction Is Used For

Water extraction is the process of removing excess water that has entered undesired areas due to heavy rainstorms, thawing snow, cracks in the foundation, standing groundwater, and natural disasters. It can be anything from excessive moisture, wet carpet to a full-out flooded house. Regardless of where the cause came from, there is only one critical and immediate danger you must be aware of:

The longer you wait to do your water removal, the more likely you are to face new problems such as damage to infrastructure and belongings. But worst of all, mold growth may have already started and you don’t even know it!

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The main purpose of water extraction is to reduce the risk of damages to the property, prevent the growth of mold, and to restore the condition of the property back to its original state.

Emergency Water Extraction


Flood Tech’s Water Extraction and Water Removal service is committed to helping customers extract water from their wet basement or building properties with the main focus of safety and preservation of the content and the building itself. We assess each situation and determine the fastest and best way to minimize further damage from occurring. We use specialized equipment to extract the water and contain the flood.  With the required equipment and gear, the team can extract the water and dry the property quickly and efficiently. We can also assess any bacteria or mold growth after extraction and help remediate the situation at the same time. Ask about all our services we offer and which ones are best for you to get through the catastrophe of a flood.

Portable Water Extractors

Vacuums with large water tanks that art portable and can access small areas are one option for removing smaller contained water spills.

Truck Mounted Extractors

On larger size flood calls we connect hoses directly to a truck-mounted vacuum that can be used. They are also used when no direct access to electricity is available.

Submersible Water Pumps

We use gas-powered and generator powered water pumps on larger flood jobs. They extract large volumes of water quickly and efficiently.

Water Extraction Explained

How to Choose from all the Water Extraction Companies Near you in Toronto

When deciding on who to choose to help you recover from a disaster, you want to make sure you hire someone who will do the job right and with minimal damage to your home and content. One of the most important things to consider is the methods that are being used to extract the water. If you do not remove the water properly, you may find yourself in a far worse situation than you initially had with the flood. If you leave areas of moisture unattended, it can cause detrimental damage to your property in the long run. But more importantly, it may end up putting your health at risk.

Make sure you hire an IICRC Certified Flood Technician. This will ensure that the proper service is performed. You should also make sure that they use the proper equipment to mitigate the problem. If improper equipment is used, you may end up finding that the clean-up job takes longer, which ends up causing more damage over time. This next one is the most commonly ignored one: always hire a company that works under the non-invasive methodology. This methodology focuses on minimal impact to existing foundations and finishes, allowing more of the property to be preserved/restored. This will directly impact your long-term costs of recovery. The more unnecessary tear-out that occurs, the longer and more expensive the disaster effort will cost you. Before choosing the right company for the job, ask them this list of question:

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Here is what happens when water makes contact with almost any dry surface and is left for a prolonged period of time.

Mould Growth Timeline

24 to 48 Hours
Mold begins to germinate and grow. As moisture overtakes the wet areas, new germination location are created.
Day 3 to Day 12
The affected areas have significantly grown. Spores begin to colonize and replicate more rapidly.
day 12 to day 30
Damage is now apparent as mold becomes clearly visible to the naked eye. Most areas in the home now are affected by mold in varying degrees.
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Flood Extraction Service

at Flood Tech

We take pride in our work. Here is a collection of pictures showcasing our team performing what they do best – water extraction and water removal service. Call now to experience the Flood Tech Difference.

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