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Wet Carpet Drying services by professionals will save you time and money, but sometimes the carpets are too damaged and need to be fully removed.  If you’ve ever had a flood or water leak emergency in your home or basement, you know how tricky it can be to remove water from a carpet, especially when it is contaminated water (outdoor rainwater, plumbing water, sewage water, etc). Many times, the damage to the carpet is so bad that it needs to be removed and replaced. However, with the help of professionals and the right equipment, you can often salvage the carpeting, reducing your costs dramatically. Flood Tech technicians are fully trained and certified to deal with even the most severe contamination. They properly assess and attempt to find all possible solutions to preserve your carpets.

Wet Carpet Drying & Carpet Removal - Know All your Options

How Improperly Performed Wet Carpet Drying Services Can Affect your Health

The type of water damage to your carpet will often determine the severity of the risk to your health. You need to have your wet carpet drying needs professionally evaluated or you can end up risking your life and health!



This is often clean water that comes from processed wells, city water lines and other forms of what is normally deemed safe to consume water.



This is referred to as “Grey Water” and it is any water that is likely mixed with bio-pollutants or other elements that are considered unsanitary.



This category is specifically assigned to raw sewage and other heavily polluted waters. This category often means no salvageable content.

How to properly Dry a Water Damaged Carpet

Flood Tech follows a proven method that ensures your carpet is properly cleaned and restored to its original state.

The first step is to professionally assess the situation and make sure you know what you can potentially be dealing with before making any decisions. This is the most important step which often causes the most frustration and unnecessary costs. Time is against you, so you must act fast and not delay. The longer you wait, the likelier you are to have to remove and dispose of the carpet. A professional assessment will allow you to determine the best course of action in the shortest amount of time. We will inspect for hidden water sources that are prime locations for mould to spore. We review the damage, determine if any decontamination is required and provide you with all the available courses of action to determine what best suits your needs.

The next step is to begin the drying process. Using specialty commercial drying equipment and methods, we ensure to fully dry out the carpet and affected areas. Large dehumidifiers are placed in the room to help dry out the air to make sure no mould or other contaminants are left behind to spore and germinate.

Based on the contamination type, we would decontaminate and disinfect the carpet ensuring no hidden mould or harmful germs are left behind. We also properly shampoo and restore the carpets original luster and life by removing ground in dirt that is normally hard to remove. We clean through the carpet right to the core underlayment and below it. We make sure that all layers of the carpet are handled and treated thoroughly.

A trained technician will also review your current layout and advise of any recommendations to help you keep the carpet from becoming a dangerous sporing place for mould. Air quality, humidity levels, foot traffic and other factors are all considered when recommendations are made. Book a Free inspection with a qualified technician and avoid any health risks you may have overlooked.

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