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Covid 19 - Cleaning Service Toronto

Covi-19 Cleaning Services

Coronavirus Cleaning has become a very crucial part of keeping businesses open. In these troubling and uncertain times, we try to recover from a prolonged closed economy. The toughest challenge is to bring people back to the workplace without risking their safety and the spread of COVID-19. Despite your best efforts, you may find an outbreak or a confirmed case has been verified on your premises. Your worst fears have happened. You must shut down the business. It’s what everyone fears the most. 

The first thing you need to do is disinfect the entire premises with special chemical agents that directly attack the COVID-19 virus strain. You also need to be considerate of how you apply the disinfecting agents, as different surfaces are easily damaged when they come in contact with any water. Flood Tech COVID-19 Cleaning Services is conducted by experienced professional technicians.

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How to decontaminate and clean COVID-19

Secure Fragiles

Flip to find out how we protect fragile objects and surfaces using a two step disinfection process.

2 Tier Cleaning Method

All surfaces that may be vulnerable are hand disinfected. We then protect them against the general room spray down, making sure they are undisturbed during the whole cleaning process.

Disinfect Everything

Flip to find out about our special disinfectant that can kill 99.9% of all microbes including COVID-19.

Botanical Disinfectant

We use a botanical solution that disinfects, cleans, sanitizes, and deodorizes in a single application allowing for a quick solution that doesn't cost your business extensive "down time".


Flip to find out how we help protect your business for up to 90 days.

Protective Measures

After the cleaning, we apply a water-based antimicrobial surface protecting agent that shields against a broad range of microbes. It is safe for use on food contact surfaces, utensils, appliances and equipment.

Why you need a COVID-19 Cleaning Service

Flood Tech is an industry leader when it comes to disaster mitigation and recovery. Long before COVID-19 was a concern, we have been disinfecting healthcare facilities, commercial properties, event centres,  homes and senior living facilities. We have specialized in all types of disaster contaminants affected by water and fire damage, mould and asbestos, and other hazardous and bio-contaminants. Our years of experience in the disaster recovery field have put us as a leading expert in decontamination methods and practices. Trust the professionals to quickly and efficiently disinfect, and restore your premises to clean safe conditions. If you are not sure if you need COVID-19 cleaning services, then contact us for a free assessment and consultation with one of our experts.

How does COVID-19 Spread?

COVID-19 is mainly spread from person to person through water molecules. This includes coughing, sneezing, or close proximity breathing / talking (less than 6 feet / 2 meters). It enters your body through your eyes, nose or mouth. People can spread it even though they don't show symptoms (this is called asymptomatic). If can also spread through improper air circulation systems in offices and buildings.

It can remain on surfaces for hours, sometimes even days if the conditions are ripe for the virus to survive (moisture, temperature, air humidity levels).

The best solution COVID-19 cleaning is by proper use of cleaning agents that are proven to kill 99-100% of the virus in all it's forms and variants including the latest ones coming from international travellers. This is generally found in commercial grade cleaners with specific properties. Not all cleaners are effective against killing the COVID-19 virus. When cleaning against the COVID-19 virus, you must wear proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is approved by the CDC / Health Canada including outerwear, masks, face shields and other government approved clothing.
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