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If you have a concern about mould, it is always safe to have a free inspection done right away. We can help you locate any potential mould and remediate the problem. Our licensed technicians are standing by and ready to make your home a safe one to live in.


Mould in your home is one of the worst things that can due to flood or moisture damage in a house and must be remedied with mould removal services immediately. Mould starts sporing within 48 hours after the initial flood occurs. Here are the reasons why Mold is dangerous and must be immediately dealt with:

Due to how fast mould spreads and how quickly it starts sporing, it is critical to act fast when flood or water backup occurs and get mould removal services promptly. In as little as 48 hours mould starts replicating and spreading. It travels in all directions and at a fast pace. Below is an image of mould that occurred within days of the floorboards getting wet.

Mold contamination floorboards

Mould can originate from day-to-day activities, not just emergencies. Here is a list of daily activities that you may be doing wrong. 

How to dry out Subfloor after an emergency flood

It's a race against time:

The most dangerous part of a flood emergency is the water damage that occurs after the initial flood emergency. Immediately after the initial damage, water and excessive moisture begin to travel through your subfloors and walls. The moment water penetration reaches above 40% you begin facing a larger problem which will generally cost significantly more the longer you wait. The best solution you have is to get someone out to stop the flood and dry your property as fast as possible.

The hidden truth you don't see:

Once water and humidity touch most home building materials, mold and mildew begin to spore and grow. The detrimental effect can take as little as 48 hours to create a much larger problem than the actual flood itself did. You are no longer facing a property and content damage emergency, but a health risk as well. Once mould begins to spore immediate health risks begin. Once mould forms, you can only remove it with professional help from a mould removal company as handling mould can be very dangerous for your health.

The first step is the most important one:

Before entering the room, consider safety from electrical and gas hazards caused due to water. Don't risk your life. Just because you do not see sparking water, it does not mean that the room could be electrically charged. Gas lines could be damaged. Check for the "rotten egg" smell. If you notice any unusual smells, close the door, walk away and call emergency gas services immediately.