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When you think content cleanup services, you probably think of soap, water, and lots of sun. This may be true when cleaning regular household items but when dealing with natural disaster damage, it often requires a professional assessment to understand what happened to your belongings and how they are affected by water, smoke and other contaminants. That is why our technicians are ready to help you clean, decontaminate and deodorize any affected belongings, extending their life for many more years. 

Mould, Bacteria, Fungus and How They Affect Your Content

Mould and other harmful contaminants spore in as little as 24 hours. Even if you have a flood caused by category 1 water (clean potable water), it takes very little to turn that category 1 damage to category 2 (Grey contaminated water) or category 3 (sewage and heavily contaminated water). The longer belongings sits in water, the more likely it is to be overtaken by mould. The early onset of mould is often invisible and hard to spot to the untrained eye. Even if you dry off an item, if not properly disinfected, dormant mould can still wreak havoc on your health. Don’t risk your health over a safe keep item. Contact a professional content cleanup company to properly clean and disinfect your belongings. 

Inspect and Catalogue

All content is carefully inspected for damage by our content specialists. Salvageable content is carefully packed and catalogued in our content management software. All non-salvageable belongings are placed in clear bags and catalogued.

Transport and Protect

Removal of the unaffected items from the disaster site is the best way to protect your content. It gets transported to our climate controlled facility and is always easily accessible during the reconstruction phase.

Clean and Disinfect

Valuables that are salvageable but affected by contaminants are brought to our cleaning facility. Through our content cleanup service, we ensure to clean each item thoroughly, decontaminate it and deodorize it. Once restored, we can further store it until the restoration is completed.

Restore and Refurbish

Some items are too valuable to replace and need to be refurbished. Be it electronics, keepsakes, collectibles, antiques, furniture or clothing, we have a specialist for every type of restoration need. Once restored, we warranty the work for an extended period of time.

Report Building

Once all content cleanup services have been properly concluded, a final incident report is generated which thoroughly outlines all your content that got affected, as well as an inventory of any content that had to be moved off-site.

Insurance Claims

If you worry about large content claims, we have a team of specialists that can help you fill out the content loss forms provided by your insurance company. We can help with everything from identifying each item to price validating. Be sure to ask about this extra service when your consultant visits you during your free assessment.

One of the biggest mistakes we encounter is that people try to pack out items by themselves to begin the content cleanup process. Often they do it to “save on costs”. Unfortunately, often times they end up destroying belongings that could have otherwise been salvaged. The top mistake people make when tackling a flood or fire disaster by themselves is to take the items out into the sun to dry quickly. Although it is the right thing to do, there are many factors to consider before moving any content. Like plants, mould and other harmful bacteria on water and heat to grow and spore. If content is infected by Category 2 or Category 3 water damage, you have to properly clean and disinfect before fully drying. Eliminating any harmful contaminants is your first step. Knowing which cleaning chemicals are safe for the material they are being applied to is something only a trained and experienced professional understands. Professionals know how to handle all types of water and fire-affected content without causing further damage. Often the cost of the pack out and inspection is far less than the potential cost of damage to the products. Once something gets contaminated for long enough or severely enough it becomes unsalvageable and must be destroyed and disposed of safely. If handled correctly often it is salvageable.

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