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Content Damage

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Documentation is key

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Hire Flood Tech to get your content insurance claim approved, your adjuster will require a content log with a description of each damaged item.  Your content insurance protection can be at risk of denial of claim if you do not file this report properly. 

Flood Tech’s content assessment specialists will meticulously photograph & itemize all your content for proper processing. We will determine the replacement cost of each item and produce a detailed assessment report that fits your content insurance company’s requirements. 

Content Damage Incident Reports

Detailed & accurate - Preloss list & value of content

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Content Damage Services

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Content Restoration

Valuable content is inspected and where necessary, is sent to our facility for specialty cleaning and restoration. Conserve your valuables and avoid unnecessary loss.

Content Log & Pack-Out

We log and photograph all content details such as the originating location and how it got affected. We then pack-out your content until the emergency and recovery services are concluded.

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Content Storage

All required content is taken to a secured temperature controlled clean environment with 24-hour access. You will always have detailed and direct access to your content. 

Content Cleaning & Decontamination

Content cleaning and decontamination ensures your health and safety is never at risk. An environmental content assessment is performed to determine the severity level of the incident. We verify the Content Moisture level, and the contamination threats before any content is handled. In some severe cases, laboratory testing is required.

We use safe and eco-friendly cleaning agents to decontaminate all content affected by the catastrophe. Manufacturer Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are given to the property occupants and clients for authorization. They contain detailed information about the product’s ingredients, physical and chemical characteristics & any hazardous properties they may have.

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24 hrs - Emergency Content Rescue

On-Demand Content Technicians and pack-out personnel are on standby 7 days a week

Specialty Content cleaning

Whether it's a piano submerged in water or fire soot, we have the knowledge and expertise to clean and restore it.

Content Cleaning Equipment

We use the latest in portable and facility Super Cleaning Systems

Content Storage Access Post Emergency

Even once the emergency is over, your content needs to be stored off site so that the reconstruction service can commence. With our easy access content storage services, your belongings are always accessible and safe. Don't let the prolonged recovery stage leave you frustrated for months as your home gets rebuilt after an emergency. Get your life back in order and have full control and access to all your content at one of our multiple locations which is never too far away from you. Let us help you organize your life for the recovery period.
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Get your claims approved

We provide online video, phone or on-site consultation. We take the time to go over the content and advise the best course of action. Whether you use your insurance or cover the expenses yourself, our senior consultant will work out the best solutions that best suit your needs. 

We have two types of assessment services: FREE or COMPREHENSIVE.

The free assessment includes a basic 30 minutes overview of the damage, infrared imaging, moisture testing, photographs thorough, visual inspection of the work scope and note-taking (a report is not included).

Paid Comprehensive Assessments include all of the above. They also include a Damage Incident Report. The report includes pictures, witness statements, detailed moisture logs, infrared images, environmental laboratory reports, third-party professional furniture appraiser reports (this works well for valuable antiques when there is no receipt or proof of purchase).  



Don’t suffer content loss due to lack of proper assessments and documentation. Book an inspection today.