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If you ever find yourself faced with fire or water damage, you likely will suffer damage to your personal content and require content restoration services. Sometimes you may need to restore items that hold important non-monetary value. Documents, rare collectibles, keepsakes, critical content and other valuables can be restored and saved from being destroyed. Our Content Restoration division utilizes state-of-the-art equipment coupled with scientific methods and research to restore content that normally would be unsalvageable.

The different types of Content Restoration Services we provide

Document Restoration

Restoration and digitizing services for books, documents, and other paper products. Recovery and Restoration options available.

Water Damage Electronics Restoration

Valuable data is stored on our electronic devices. We specialize in refurbishing electronic devices. We also offer data recovery options when salvage is not an option.

Wet Furniture

Our dedicated team of carpenters specialize in the restoration of water damaged content. We can do most restoration services right on site.

Content Restoration Explained

Content Restoration Services are specially designed methods to reverse the damage caused. Studies show that the restoration costs are only 15-25% of cash-out value. This results in significant cost reductions when restoring vs replacing. By utilizing technology and science to reverse the damage process, your costs dramatically reduce.  This is very important when dealing with insurance claims that often have a claim cap, or when trying to avoid an insurance claim altogether. Sometimes, the actual value to the owner is sentimental or non-monetary and restoration is the only option. At Flood Tech’s content division, our team of licensed and experienced technicians specialize in recovery and restoration. We understand how to 

Average Cost to Replace Contents of Home

As per Home Advisor study on average reported flood recovery costs.

Category 1 Flood

Non-contaminated "Clean" Water

Average Cost

National Average Cost of Cleanup

Category 2 Flood

Cross-Contaminated "Grey" Water

Average Cost

National Average Cost of Cleanup

Category 3 Flood

Heavily Contaminated "Black" Water

Average Cost

National Average Cost of Cleanup
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How to Dry Wet Wood Furniture - Can your Content be Saved?

When it comes to wet wood furniture and other water affected items around the house, it is important to understand both the risks and the hidden dangers of what you need to do once your furniture is affected by emergency damage. Time is your worst enemy. From the moment the furniture makes contact with the water 2 things are immediately happening to the wood. The wood is absorbing the water and causing swelling and warping which puts direct stress on the wood and causes it to warp permanently. The second is mold build-up. Mold spores on high humidity surfaces. It feeds and grows within hours. 

Flood Tech uses multiple strategies to combat moisture through the use of dehumidifiers and air movers, we can reduce the environment humidity completely allowing for fast and effective drying. Concurrently we make sure to disinfect and decontaminate the furniture making it mold free. We use specialty equipment to monitor and combat the moisture ensuring no mold growth remains. Our fast and reliable service is your best hope at salvaging your content. Don’t hesitate. Call for a free no-obligation assessment and see if you are in danger of mold and damage to your wood furniture.

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Content Restoration Services - How to Restore Paper Documents

When storing important documents, they often go into a banker’s box and put away in a safe place where people don’t often access or disturb the documents. The most common location for this type of storage is in a basement crawl space or a discreet storage area. This is also one of the most common places to get affected by water damage. As a result, we are often tasked with restoring documents due to their sensitive nature. Our content division restoration specialists use scientific processes coupled with state-of-the-art equipment to restore your documents. Here are some of the techniques we use to dry and restore documents.

content restoration services technician drying documents for restoration

Paper Drying Technologies