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When faced with an emergency disaster such as a flood or fire damage, you want to protect as many of your belongings as possible and keep your content in storage while mitigating the emergency. The last thing you want is to have more items damaged due to negligence or delays in dealing with the emergency. Once your items have been processed and deemed safe to store, you want to make sure they are handled with care. Our team of professional content specialists will take care of your belongings from the moment they show up on site to the day they deliver and place the items back in their original place. Don’t take a risk of further loss.   Trust the professionals at Flood Tech to do the job the only way – the right way.

Common Causes of Avoidable Further Loss to Content:

Every item we store is carefully catalogued with pictures and descriptions in our database. Whenever you need access to your content during the emergency service and restoration process, you can easily access it through our detailed report and content management software. Easily find, request, and receive any item that is in storage without having to rummage through boxes and lockers. 

Benefits of Storing Your Belongings with Us:

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With the advancement of technology, we are able to provide you with detailed catalogued item reports that ensure you have easy access to the exact location of your item. Regardless of how it was packed and stored, you can find the exact item in the report of identifying the unit, shelf and box number where that item is stored. Each box has a photograph of the internal belongings as well as a detailed line item report. Avoid the stress of rummaging through storage for hours. Now you can access your items in minutes.