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Water Damage Inspection and Assessment are the first and most critical steps to flood damage recovery when faced with an emergency. We come in when plumbers, waterproofers, and other water damage restoration companies can’t find the water leak. Our methods have been carefully formulated to detect the most elusive water leak detection possible. Here is how we ensure to find the leak and neutralize the threat every time.

STEP 1: Locate & stop the water source

We utilize non-invasive methods and are professionals at identifying all types of leaks. Our highly skilled assessment specialists are the industry’s best when it comes to locating and stopping water damage leaks. We always find the root cause of any leak. Once located, we quickly provide an onsite quote to neutralize the leak and ensure no further water damage can occur.

STEP 2: Identify the category and class of water

After the leak has been neutralized, we assess and test the water type to determine the health and property damage risks associated based on the water contamination classification type. Here are the 3 categories of water you will potentially face:

category flood background 1



Clean potable water that comes from water lines, filtered water sources and it is generally deemed safe to consume.

category flood background 2



“Grey Water” is water that is contaminated with bio-pollutants and if consumed or handled, can lead to mild health symptoms and irritations.

category flood background 3



“Black Water” consists of heavily contaminated water, generally referring to raw sewage. This content poses severe health risks if consumed or handled.

STEP 3: Assess the extent of the damage

Based on the category and classification of a leak, the Flood Tech water damage assessor, assesses the property and all affected content, ensuring all risks, hazards and damages are thoroughly reviewed and identified. Any health or safety risks are neutralized for the safety of everyone on the premises. We also do an external inspection to ensure no risks are present from the outside of the property. 

Water Damage Inspection

STEP 4: Remediation recommendations

The final step of the assessment is preparation of a thorough remediation action plan where we provide detailed recommendations for water removal and damage recovery including all steps necessary to process, handle and remediate the emergency. This includes insurance processing steps, preparation of all required documents to expedite any potential red tape you may encounter in claims processing, and a fully detailed job scope and estimate that ensures a cost and timeframe for recovery.

water damage inspection revels hidden pipe burst behind wall



Water Damage Inspection Points

A Organic Mineral deposits on walls

B – Peeling or bubbling paint or liquid membrane.

C – Damp or wet walls

D – Foundation Wall cracks or bowing

E – Windows & Exterior door deficiencies

F – Foundation Floor & Cove Cracks

G – Basement Rod Hole Leak

H – Musty odour, visible mould and mildew

I – Signs of a previous attempt to fix or hide a water problem

J –Window Well Drainage 

Foundation Wall Types

foundation wall types


Inspection Points

  • Exterior Weeping tile / perforated pipe inspection 
  • Inspect all basement drains to ensure there is no blockage
  • Ensure Drains are free of debris/oil/fats
  • Inspect pipes for leaks
  • Inspect water lines for leaks
  • Inspect for proper installation
  • Hair, debris, and any other clog inducing components
  • Inspect all toilet wax seals for leaks
  • Inspect water lines for leaks.
  • Review condition of pipes for age and functionality
  • Ensure no joint leaks
  • Ensure no cracks are present in high stress points
  • Inspect valves
  • Inspect cold water inlet
  • Inspect hot water outlet
  • Inspect for faulty check valve
  • Backup battery health / expiration
  • Electrical condition (GFCi connection, wire erosion)
  • Age of sump pump and components
  • Inspect for pit debris
  • Inspect water discharge pipe
  • Inspect floater
  • Inspect for proper water flow
  • Inspect weeping tile for clogs or breakage (interior/exterior)
  • Inspect clay weeping tile for damage or stress
  • Inspect for tree root damage to weeping tile
  • Inspect for faulty water lines
  • Inspect for leaks or erosion
  • Conduct exfiltration test
  • Inspect pipe elevation
  • Camera line video inspection for clogs/damage
  • Backwater valve system inspection
Plumbing and Drain Repair


Hazardous Materials Inspection Points

We perform a visual inspection every single room, crawl space, and crevice for signs of visible mold.

We check for mold around the entire exterior perimeter, especially in areas that are prone to high levels of humidity.

We inspect the air quality to ensure it is clean of any bio-hazardous contaminants. Samples are collected for lab testing and confirmation.

Air Temperature and humidity levels are recorded and analyzed for particularly hot and humid areas where mold may be present or has a high risk of forming.

We generate a moisture map that allows us to identify areas that lack proper drying and air circulation which can lead to high risks of mold growth in the future.

Mold Removal Inspecting Mold on Wall


Flood, Wind and Fire Content Damage Inspection Points

All electronics go through testing to verify the extent of damage. Every component gets plugged in and inspected for complete functionality.

We assess all pertinent documents and ensure they are dry and have not been affected by moisture or direct contact with water.

All furniture is inspected for moisture levels and staining caused by direct contact to water. Fabrics are tested for mold and wood is inspected for warping / staining.

Each appliance is carefully inspected and tested for moisture / water damage to the working circuitry. 

All antiques / paintings get scanned for moisture and any other contaminants that may have come in contact with them to ensure no degradation will occur due to the emergency.

Content Damage Incident Report Photographer
Content Restoration

Reports our Techs provide

  • Insurance Company
  • Condo Board
  • City
  • Landlord

Water Damage Inspection Cost 

Free Onsite Inspection

Onsite Inspections include a 30-minute visual inspection –  Quotations are free.

(Leak detection service, infrared, moisture mapping, drain camera line inspection, and microcamera infrastructure leak & water detection equipment and reports are not included)  

 Paid Inspection

Includes the following:

  • Leak Detection 
  • Water Damage building materials locate.
  • Property Documentation & Reports

Reports include pictures, witness statements, moisture mapping & logging, infrared images, environmental laboratory reports, and third-party professional furniture appraiser report that works well for valuable antiques or any content when there is no receipt or proof of purchase.

Water Damage Inspection service, which includes reports, starts from $350. for up to 500 square feet to $4,800. For commercial and industrial buildings up to 5000 square feet.

Note: Quotes are provided after conducting an onsite assessment only and can not be quoted remotely.

Property Documentation

Water - Fire - Storm

  • Incident Report 
  • Proof of Loss Report
  • Property Damage Assessment
  • Structural Damage
  • Inspection Report
  • Infrared Report
  • Moisture Mapping
  • 3D Mapping Report
  •  Work Scope
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Water Damage
  • Structural Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Smoke Damage
  • Roof/Attic

Water - Fire - Storm

  • Cause of Loss Subrogation Report
  • Damage Incident reports
  • Contents Worksheet 
  • Preloss list & value of content
  • Content lab reports 
  • Specialty content third-party appraiser, evaluation and testing reports.  
  • Infrared Report 
  • Detailed Estimate
Plumbing & Drains

Burst - Leak - Clog

  • Damage Source  Report 
  • Inspection Report
  • Infrared Report
  • Moisture Mapping
  • Work Scope
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Mould
  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Vermiculite (Attic Insulation)
  • Swab & Air Quality Lab Reports 
  • Material lab reports 
  • Detailed Estimate
  • Swab & Air Quality Lab Reports 
  • Material lab reports 
  • Detailed Estimate


When unsure where the water leakage originates from, typically you hire 4 companies. A plumber would be hired and sometimes he discovers the problem is not from plumbing and a waterproofing company had to be contacted. When a waterproofing company opens drywall, mould is discovered. A hazmat company now has to come out. To remove mould you still need to extract water and call a flood emergency provider. Once water is extracted, you need to remove content, so you must contact a moving company. After all, remediation is done, you now need to repair the property and call a Construction company to repair the damage.


Flood Tech Water Damage Inspection Tech is trained to handle ALL of the above problems and scenarios. Specially trained to repair plumbing (emergency leakage stoppage and repair). Trained to recognize and assess all foundation-related waterproofing deficiencies. Trained to locate and assess hazmat. Trained to handle floods and risks and types of floods properly. Trained in proper insurance claims processing to ensure proper claims processing. Trained to know how to rebuild and all the required steps to handle an emergency to prepare it for reconstruction.

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