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The Flood Tech Internal Waterproofing Systems is designed to completely prevent water from penetrating the basement foundation walls and floor and keep the basement 100% waterproofed and free from mould and a Flooded Basement. A typical water seepage cause we find most often is due to hydrostatic pressure when the groundwater rises and falls under the concrete foundation floor, and water seeps through the joint seams where the wall meets the floor also referred to as the cove joint. Rest assured Flood Tech has the know-how and the years of experience to find the water seepage source, our assessment is free and backed up with our 25 years warranty. We go the extra mile to ensure all areas are covered during the first initial assessment; we see to it that the foundation is thoroughly inspected for strength, durability along with a series of water tests performed externally and internally. Once the damage integrities have been located, a free repair quote will be provided along with a step-by-step service repair course of action.

Interior Basement Waterproofing Systems

Interior Waterproofing of buildings focuses on tackling wet areas or high condensation areas susceptive to water infiltration. The primary goal is to either redirect or fully stop water from entering the basement of the building through the foundation. Interior waterproofing is typically the preferred method where accessibility to the exterior is not available. 

When is Interior Building Waterproofing the Better Option

Inaccessible Exterior Walls

If there is not enough working space on the exterior of the house to properly dig and install a waterproofing system.

Hydrostatic Pressure Issues

When facing hydrostatic Pressure issues, water is coming from below the footing and must be redirected from the inside.

Unfinished Basement Access

When a basement is not finished, the economical solution is to do interior waterproofing.

How Interior Waterproofing Works

Similar to external waterproofing methods, the primary goal is to capture and redirect the water using these methods:

  1. Rubberized Membrane: A special rubberized membrane is applied to protect against water infiltration and condensation.
  2. Drainage Membrane: An air-gap drainage membrane is applied to the wall redirecting water safely to the base.
  3. Drainage Tile / Weeping Tile: A drainage tile (weeping tile) is installed surrounding the footing which captures and redirects water to a single location.
  4. Sump Pit: Redirected water is collected in a sump pit that houses an active sump pump.
  5. Sump Pump: The sump pump moves the water back out of the property through a discharge pipe.
  6. Discharge Pipe: On the outside, the discharge pipe releases the water away from the property foundation. 
6 Interior waterproofing system Installation parts diagram Flood Tech Waterproofing Division

This complete waterproofing system controls every type of water entry and creates a foolproof water barrier ensuring your property remains dry and safe from water damage.

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