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Flood Tech Basement Waterproofing Division is a team of expert waterproofers available 24/7 for emergency sump pump repair and installation. 

Sump pumps play a significant role in protecting the property from flooding, especially if the water table is high where the property is built on. A fully functional sump pump is crucial to protecting your home from flooding

A sump pump is responsible for maintaining the property dry and safe from flooding. A sump basin is used to collect water from the weeping tile installed by the foundation footing throughout the perimeter; which the weeping tile can be installed either on the interior or exterior of the property. During a rainstorm, the basin collects the water, and the sump pump discharges the water safely away from the building. There are different types of sump pumps. Pedestal pumps and submersible pumps are the most common ones in residential homes. Submersible pumps usually sit in the sump wells and mainly operate underwater. Pedestal pumps are less common and louder compared to submersible pumps. The pedestal pump works above the sump well. When the water level rises to a certain level, it activates a float. It signals the pump to turn itself on and begin the water removal process. Some other sump pumps are water-powered pumps and floor sucker pumps. Water-powered pumps are responsible for integrating with the plumbing of the building for dispersing water. Floor sucker pumps are responsible for removing the water from a flooded floor.

What is a Sump Pump?

Sump pumps control the groundwater and prevent it from entering the building, thereby mitigating flooding. It saves so much of your frustration, time, and money that you couldn’t save otherwise if you had water damage. 

If the basement foundation is damaged from the old age of the property and it’s too costly to rebuild the foundation wall or floor, then the sump pump alternative is best advisable; having no sump pump in these conditions, the water will accumulate in your basement after the flooding. As a result, it might give rise to several moisture problems like dampness, mildew, and mould. These divinities will lower your house’s value and minimize your basement’s functionality. Besides, Moisture problems cause health complications like skin irritation, wheezing, coughing, throat irritation, stuffy nose, etc. People with underlying lung conditions like Asthma, etc., are more likely to suffer severe symptoms. People who are allergic to mould are likely at greater risk when exposed to mould and dampness. So, it is always wise to go for professional services regarding anything that can directly impact your health.

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Sum Pump Service

How Can Flood Tech Help?

Having a fully functional sump pump is a must due to a faulty foundation that is far too expensive to replace with a new one. It’s advisable to schedule a waterproofing professional to assess the basement foundation thoroughly. In doing so, you can receive a full report on repair or maintenance recommendations. For Basement Waterproofing Inspections, Sump Pump repair or basin or sump pump installation, our experts at Flood Tech are the go-to experts for all sump pump needs.

The steps involved in the installation of a sump pump are:

Locating basin and discharge pipelines install

Firstly, our experts will find a location for installing the sump pump. This location must be near a Ground Fault Interrupter Outlet for plugging in the sump pump and discharge pipelines no less than 15 feet from the property. the further, the better.  

Basin preparation and digging of the sump pit

Basin holes will be drilled throughout the perimeter sump pump basin. If the holes are not drilled, there is a  risk of the basin ‘floating’ in the pit, which can cause damage to the pump connection drain lines. 

Concrete floor excavation.
Depending on the building type and size, the standard basin lid size measures 18″ in diameter.  A circle outline of the concrete floor will be marked for the concrete removal process. A jackhammer with an attached vacuum will be used to keep the dust contained, 

Adding Gravel

Gravel will be applied at the bottom and the surrounding basin.

Attaching the Adapters

Discharge ABS connections will be glued down accordingly. After the pump connections.

Installing a Check Valve

Then our experts will attach the pump’s electrical cord to the discharge pipe with the help of wire ties. Next, they will install a check valve (meant for vertical operation) on the discharged pipe’s open end. Then the pump will be placed into the sump before running the water out of your home.  

Sump Pump discharges water Away from Your House

Our experts will use pressurized fittings and PVC (11/2 inches) to channel the pump’s water. The water is then channelled far away from your home. 

Running ABS pipe Through Your Wall

Then they will install the “J” hooks for hanging the ABS from the joists. Then they will make a hole through the wall that will allow the ABS to run out. They will use a hammer in case it is a block wall. If it is a brick wall, our experts will use a rotary hammer.

Applying Sealant to the Hole

There is a hole from which the pipe comes out from your home. Our experts are going to put silicone sealant into this hole. Then they will complete the connections so that the water runs 4 feet away from your home. 

Spreading Out the Water Flow

Then our experts will attach an increaser (11/2 inch by 3 inches) on the pipe’s end to spread the water flow. Then they will connect the corrugated pipe to the PVC pipe. As a result, the water will get dispensed more.

Covering the Sump

Then our experts will place the gravel surrounding the corrugated pipe to keep it in place. Then our experts will plug in the pump. Then they will be putting the cover over your sump.

So, if your sump pump is not working correctly, you must repair it as soon as possible. If you don’t have a sump pump at all, you need to install one immediately. So, don’t delay and call us to book your appointment now!



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